In Arrieta we consider precise gunfitting of uttermost importance, and a key element in the production process of a bespoken gun.

With more than 75 years of experience we offer our customers shotguns and express rifles that suit perfectly their physique, shooting style and type of shooting.



Juan Carlos Arrieta ,(chairman of the company) takes measures directly for all clients.With no doubt he is one of the most experienced gunfitters in Spain. He learnt his job from his father and grandfather and has been the master gunfitter in Arrieta for the last 25 years. He has fitted over 2000 guns!

At Arrieta Gunfitting does not start and end with measurements. The process is completed when the new gun is handed to the client, and the client has a chance to try it in the shooting ground.




Concerns the length of the stock.. At Arrieta we will take 3 different measures:

  • * From the center of the front trigger (with double trigger guns) to the middle of the butt sole.
  • * From the center of the front trigger to the heel of the butt sole.
  • * From the center of the front trigger to the toe of the butt sole.





This is the angle of the butt of the stock as it relates to the barrels. Concerns the way the stock sole rests on the shoulder of the shooter, you want as much surface against the shoulder pocket as possible, but you also want it to be at an angle to be confortable.



Concerns the amount the stock is set over to the right or left in relation to the top rib/barrel line. Cast-off, bent to the right and cast-on bent to the left (right handed shooters).





Concerns the amount the top edge of the butt is set down relative to the top of the sighting rib.



Concerns the way the right hand (right handed persons) falls into the gun, and holds the gun. The grip must fill the hand adequately.